The First Semester Examination of the academic year 2076 starts from 17th Asar to 25th Asar.

The schedule is as follows:

Time: Class: Nursery – 5 at 10 A.M. & Class: 6 -10 at 1:00 P. M.

Date Class : Nursery Class : LKG Class : UKG
2076/03/17 Tuesday Maths Nepali English
2076/03/18 Wednesday General Science Social Studies Social Studies
2076/03/19 Thursday Nepali Maths Nepali
2076/03/20 Friday Social Studies English General Science
2076/03/22 Sunday English General Science Maths
2076/03/23 Monday Drawing Health & Phy. Edu Drawing
2076/03/24 Tuesday General Knowledge Drawing Health & Phy. Edu.
2076/03/25Wednesday Health & Phy. Edu. General Knowledge General Knowledge



Date Class : 1 Class :2 Class : 3 Class 4
2076/03/17 Tuesday Science English Maths English
2076/03/18 Wednesday English Social Studies Science Science
2076/03/19 Thursday Maths Nepali Social Studies Nepali
2076/03/20 Friday Social Studies Science Nepali Social Studies
2076/03/22 Sunday Nepali Positive Living English Maths
2076/03/23 Monday Computer Maths Computer Computer
2076/03/24 Tuesday Positive Living G.K+ Drawing GK+ Drawing GK +Drawing
2076/03/25Wednesday GK+ Drawing Computer Positive Living Positive Living


Date Class 5 Class 6 Class 7
2076/03/17 Tuesday Nepali Nepali Science
2076/03/18 Wednesday Social Studies English Nepali
2076/03/19 Thursday Science Maths Social Studies
2076/03/20 Friday Maths Science English
2076/03/22 Sunday English HPE+ PVT Maths
2076/03/23 Monday Positive Living Social Studies HPE+ PVT
2076/03/24 Tuesday Computer Hamro Madhyapur Computer
2076/03/25Wednesday  GK + Drawing Computer O. Maths


Date Class : 8 Class : 9 Class : 10
2076/03/17 Tuesday English Science English
2076/03/18 Wednesday Science Social Studies Nepali
2076/03/19 Thursday Health  + Moral HPE Science
2076/03/20 Friday Nepali Opt II Social Studies
2076/03/22 Sunday C. Maths C. Maths C. Maths
2076/03/23 Monday OVTE + Computer English HPE
2076/03/24 Tuesday Social Studies Opt. I Opt. I
2076/03/25Wednesday Opt. Maths Nepali Opt II