Silver Jubilee of BESS


Since its establishment, Bhaktapur English Secondary School has proven its meaningful existence despite the number of difficulties. During the period of two and half decade, the school has not only capacitated to acquire academic qualification but also has become a true inspirer for moulding their character and foundation of their career.

A happy, caring and conductive environment of BESS creates feeling of secure and values to students and teachers where they find satisfaction and pleasure in their work and learning culture flourished. They acquire knowledge, skills, concepts and attitude which are relevant throughout their lives. BESS aims to develop each individual as a caring concerned and contributing member of the community.

BESS is in fact ‘A centre of Excellence.’ Its remarkable achievements at local, national and international level in different areas of social life are the evidences of excellence.

To bring BESS at this glorious stage, number of people of different works of life have played vital roles at different ups and downs. At this glorious moment I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all respected well wishers for their constructive suggestion, the  students who glorified with their remarkable success and all the parents who witnessed the academic excellence of BESS.

“A man is great by deeds, not by birth. Join BESS, BE Great.”